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Changing direction

Autumn is here. The chill in the air, the darker evenings and, in my case, the desire to do some baking that includes a touch of cinnamon, has got me all cosy. Spice and all things nice, knitted jumpers, spiced apple scents and slipper socks. Welcome Autumn, with your beautiful, crisp, golden, orange leaf arrangements… Continue reading Changing direction

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And breathe…

I just love the autumn... mainly because I prefer the slightly cooler weather and the beautiful colours on the leaves. This time last year I was in the middle of the worst sleep deprivation of my life. I was hallucinating. Crying. Barely human. Stumbling through each moment trying to distinguish between night and day. We… Continue reading And breathe…

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The Day I Became An Ice Cream

'I don't think I can cope with anymore changes.' These were the words a family friend spoke to me recently as they were going through some challenging changes in their life. Transitions can be tough. It's the start of a new academic year, a new season as autumn greets us with darker, cooler mornings and… Continue reading The Day I Became An Ice Cream

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Are You Ready For Autumn?

Trying to capture the beauty of autumn leaves on my phone simply does not do this wonderful tree justice. It is my own glimpse of fall in New England. This is just one tree in plain, old England. I saw this tree transform into oranges and reds last year. Excitement and wonder filled my heart… Continue reading Are You Ready For Autumn?

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It’s October Already…

Doesn't the time just fly by? In February I was finishing off my dissertation. In May I was sitting my final exams. In June I was finishing up the last minute plans for the wedding - which went right up to a few days before the big day. In July I was getting married and… Continue reading It’s October Already…