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Changing direction

Autumn is here. The chill in the air, the darker evenings and, in my case, the desire to do some baking that includes a touch of cinnamon, has got me all cosy. Spice and all things nice, knitted jumpers, spiced apple scents and slipper socks. Welcome Autumn, with your beautiful, crisp, golden, orange leaf arrangements… Continue reading Changing direction

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The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Scrubbing floors. Scraping plates. Watering plants. Emptying bins. Wiping counters. Hoovering carpets. Writing lists. Planning meals. Making beds. Chasing toddler. Sweeping up. Cooking dinner. Clearing toys. Life can feel like a continuous verb at times. From the moment I wake, it's all systems go. I only have one child who STILL has a nap. So… Continue reading The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

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More > Direction by Ayo & Ruth Afolabi – BOOK REVIEW

As a Type-A personality kind of a person, I like to have plans, organisation and a general idea of where things are going. To have a short book on having a direction for life appealed to me, although, the authors state that if you picked it up 'hoping it would have all the answers, a… Continue reading More > Direction by Ayo & Ruth Afolabi – BOOK REVIEW

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Slowing down, not keeping up

Many of you will not know this, but I have been struggling with persistent low moods, worry and anxiety for several months. I have found myself getting angry and irritable at some pretty silly things and have had several days where I have felt completely overwhelmed. This week, after much toing and froing, I paid… Continue reading Slowing down, not keeping up

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A life of verbs

Quick! Come and join me and let us escape the hustle and bustle of life. I have stolen a few minutes from my day to press these keys once more and type. Life goes from one thing to the next and kind of blurs into one long schedule. Today, I got joy from hanging up some… Continue reading A life of verbs

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Bursting the bubble

It's a grim place to be standing on the fringes of the faith I profess. I am tired of going through the motions. I can't pretend that I am content with staying in a bubble of belief where everyone can see me, but I feel trapped and unable to breathe. Have I gone crazy? Am… Continue reading Bursting the bubble