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4 Ways of Dealing with Disappointment

Writing this post is a little bit of therapy because I am still dealing with disappointment. It is not past tense 'dealt' with disappointment. It is a very present tense ordeal of 'dealing'. Last week saw a big blow to a writing project I had spent a lot of time on. It was a learning… Continue reading 4 Ways of Dealing with Disappointment

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Who I’d thank at the Golden Globes

Confession of a gawping Instagram user - I really enjoyed seeing the pictures from the red carpet at the Golden Globes. I love seeing all the gorgeous dresses, pretty hairstyles and nice makeup (I'm not even that interested in that stuff normally!). It's an exciting time and it was made more real by an Instagram… Continue reading Who I’d thank at the Golden Globes

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Unshakeable hope in turbulent times

It's been a quiet few weeks which has been welcome. I've rearranged the living room furniture, read a few more books and have been spending time thinking of ideas and direction for my writing. One of the books that I have been working through is '21 Servants of Sovereign Joy' by John Piper. It's a… Continue reading Unshakeable hope in turbulent times

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Mad or God? by Pablo Martinez & Andrew Sims – BOOK REVIEW

If anyone claims that Jesus was mad or delusional or are looking to dismiss arguments that he was, they should read this book. Written by two psychiatrists who hold true to Jesus being both fully God and fully human at the same time, this is a thorough investigation into the life and claims of Jesus… Continue reading Mad or God? by Pablo Martinez & Andrew Sims – BOOK REVIEW

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My Greatest Adventure

Empty supermarket shelves, low water pressure, uncollected bins... turns out we are not built for snow in this part of the world! We ran out of bread and milk and apparently everyone had the same idea because we couldn't get either for a couple of days and all the long-life milk had gone too. Walking… Continue reading My Greatest Adventure

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Hope in a Heatwave

I love soothing Sunday moments. A quiet time of respite for the soul. This Sunday brought a welcome break from the darkness that I have encountered in the headlines this week. There was a baptism at church and the words spoken by the guy who got baptised moved me deeply. His wife's faithful witness over… Continue reading Hope in a Heatwave