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5 ways to approach washing up

Is there a household chore that you really don't like? For me, the washing up is top of the list because it is never really done. We don't have a dishwasher and it can be a real battle to stand at the kitchen sink throughout the day to be greeted with more dirty plates. But… Continue reading 5 ways to approach washing up

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The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Scrubbing floors. Scraping plates. Watering plants. Emptying bins. Wiping counters. Hoovering carpets. Writing lists. Planning meals. Making beds. Chasing toddler. Sweeping up. Cooking dinner. Clearing toys. Life can feel like a continuous verb at times. From the moment I wake, it's all systems go. I only have one child who STILL has a nap. So… Continue reading The Extraordinary in the Ordinary