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Be Right Back – on a blog break

I've only just started writing again, and now I'm disappearing? Well, not quite. You see, I have very limited time to write at the moment (being at home with young children does that), so I am trying to be a bit more organised! My blog will continue and I aim to post content here regularly.… Continue reading Be Right Back – on a blog break

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Waiting for words because they matter

Do you know someone who always knows the right thing to say at the right time? Maybe you know someone who always manages to say the wrong thing. Words matter. Whether we speak them out or write them down. Even when we say nothing, that speaks volumes too. Many people will use words to motivate… Continue reading Waiting for words because they matter

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An interview with Sue Russell

I'm very excited to have author Sue Russell on the blog today! I was absolutely captivated by her book 'A Vision of Locusts' and am really pleased that she could share some of her faith journey and writing life with us today. Tell us a little about you and how you became a Christian. I… Continue reading An interview with Sue Russell

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On Writing – a September update

There was a heatwave this time last week, but as I type, it is cooler, cloudier and greyer. September has arrived. As the academic year is about to begin, it has a similar feel to the New Year. Parents are ordering school uniforms, new stationery lines the shelves of stores and the countdown to the… Continue reading On Writing – a September update

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A Short Tribute to the Craft of Writing

Sitting here at my nice new desk at home I feel like more of a professional writer somehow. I have a desk and everything. That's pretty big stuff. However, actually getting down to writing something has become a struggle recently. I feel like there is a big chunk of nothingness in my mind and absolutely… Continue reading A Short Tribute to the Craft of Writing

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Writing When It Hurts

Sat at the keyboard, all I want to do is curl up in bed, pull the duvet up over my head and sleep. Before I fall asleep I would probably shed some tears. I cry - a lot. It's part of me expressing that inward ache of deep sadness. Rather than yelling, I cry. Rather… Continue reading Writing When It Hurts