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Christmas Light

Looking out our kitchen window at night, I look at the house in the next street. They have a small Christmas tree perched on their upstairs windowsill. When it is dark, the lights on that tree shine so beautifully bright against a black backdrop. Seeing this light gives me joy and comfort - it is… Continue reading Christmas Light

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The Selfish Gospel by Freddie Pimm – Book Review

I had never heard of Freddie Pimm until I was asked to review this book by Inter-Varsity Press. He is a doctor by profession and this is his first published book - and I am a little jealous that I didn't write it! Freddie tackles some tough questions about the church and its place within… Continue reading The Selfish Gospel by Freddie Pimm – Book Review

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Bursting the bubble

It's a grim place to be standing on the fringes of the faith I profess. I am tired of going through the motions. I can't pretend that I am content with staying in a bubble of belief where everyone can see me, but I feel trapped and unable to breathe. Have I gone crazy? Am… Continue reading Bursting the bubble

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Reflecting on Christian Martyrdom #5: The 21

As a response to the growing persecution globally of the Christian faith and followers of Christ, I have felt led to write a short series on Christian Martyrdom. Remember, I am not a theologian and this is not meant to be a piece of academic prose. I am merely a curious child of the Living… Continue reading Reflecting on Christian Martyrdom #5: The 21