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Have You Forgotten About Easter Already?

The Easter egg chocolate has been removed from the shelves. Some of you have devoured your body weight in chocolate I'm sure, and others are carefully still chipping away at it. But that's that for another year right? No more bunnies and baskets. If Jesus was front and centre of your Easter weekend, have you… Continue reading Have You Forgotten About Easter Already?

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One Year On From A Stem Cell Transplant: Easter Reflection

The 20th April 2022 will mark one year since I had an autologous stem cell transplant. I remember my emotions a year ago. It was the time where I felt most alone and afraid in my entire life so far. Nobody could experience the high dose chemotherapy and the suffering that it caused on my… Continue reading One Year On From A Stem Cell Transplant: Easter Reflection

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Two Books That Helped Me Through A Cancer Relapse

Just a short post today on two books that I was very thankful for as I went through a Hodgkin's Lymphoma relapse earlier this year. God on Mute by Pete Grieg Going through cancer for the second time has brought new thoughts to my mind in comparison to being a twenty-something student who had lymphoma… Continue reading Two Books That Helped Me Through A Cancer Relapse

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Ropes, rocks and resurrection

Have you ever participated in a tug of war? I think the closest I have come to a tug of war is pulling a Christmas cracker in the hope that I will get the joke, the gift inside and the bigger bit of cracker. A full on tug of war is a 'sport that directly… Continue reading Ropes, rocks and resurrection

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Brussels: Hope This Easter

Like many, I woke up to the news that there had been deadly explosions in Brussels. Two at the airport. One at the metro station near the heart of the European Union. Isis have claimed responsibility. Another coordinated attack. Paris attacks come swiftly back to mind. Fear is trying to get a foothold. Its grip… Continue reading Brussels: Hope This Easter