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The Hardest Post It's a Sunday afternoon with the clearest of blue skies, a breeze that rustles through the trees and the sense that this summer will be better than the last. Lockdowns became a catalyst for breakdowns of relationships, the mind, the body and much more. There was so much loss felt in 2020 by so… Continue reading The Hardest Post

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Emma Watson’s Anxiety Rings True In Churches Too

Actress Emma Watson has shared in an interview with Vogue that she felt 'stressed and anxious' as her 30th birthday looms in April. Her reasons are reasons that I have personally felt and know others, both Christians and non-Christians, have also experienced. She shared: “If you have not built a home, if you do not… Continue reading Emma Watson’s Anxiety Rings True In Churches Too

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The Suitcase

It's been a tough couple of days. The depression lifted for quite some time but decided to rear it's ugly head yesterday. After a wonderful women's retreat on Saturday with much praise, worship and reflection and getting a chance to share some of my story, I should have prepared myself for the valley after the… Continue reading The Suitcase

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The Mustard Seed Mum: Fighting Fear with Faith

Do it afraid. Courage is not the absence of fear, but going forward even when you feel afraid. I have heard these expressions a few times and it has become much more real as a mum. Actually, I think it started as a mum-to-be. I was afraid to give birth, but I had to do… Continue reading The Mustard Seed Mum: Fighting Fear with Faith

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Is Hell For Real? by Erik Raymond – Book Review

I use affiliate links in some of my blog posts. If you click through and make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to yourself. Thank you for your support! The latest book in the 'Questions Christians Ask' book series 'Is Hell For Real? And other questions about judgment, eternity and… Continue reading Is Hell For Real? by Erik Raymond – Book Review

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The Higher Way Code – No Overtaking

Have you seen comedian Michael McIntyre talk about overtaking farm traffic? He describes the experience of wanting to overtake a tractor and and entering the 'death lane' by driving into oncoming traffic. Nobody wants to drive into oncoming traffic. You wait for the straight bit of road and edge out and then edge back in… Continue reading The Higher Way Code – No Overtaking

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The Higher Way Code

This series on my blog will examine The Highway Code in a unique and fun way. It borrows some of the signs and signals found in the driver's bible 'The Highway Code' and it will twist them in a lighthearted way to examine this road map we call life. I have chosen to call it… Continue reading The Higher Way Code

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Reflecting on Christian Martyrdom #4: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

As a response to the growing persecution globally of the Christian faith and followers of Christ, I have felt led to write a short series on Christian Martyrdom. Remember, I am not a theologian and this is not meant to be a piece of academic prose. I am merely a curious child of the Living… Continue reading Reflecting on Christian Martyrdom #4: Dietrich Bonhoeffer