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The Suitcase

It's been a tough couple of days. The depression lifted for quite some time but decided to rear it's ugly head yesterday. After a wonderful women's retreat on Saturday with much praise, worship and reflection and getting a chance to share some of my story, I should have prepared myself for the valley after the… Continue reading The Suitcase

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Nabeel Qureshi’s Death (1983 – 2017): A Difficult Reflection

When speaker, author and apologist Nabeel Qureshi announced that he was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, I felt compelled to write about it as soon as I had read it. You can read my blog post here: Nabeel Qureshi's Cancer Diagnosis - A Morning Reflection. On Saturday September 16th 2017, Nabeel went to be with… Continue reading Nabeel Qureshi’s Death (1983 – 2017): A Difficult Reflection

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Wrestling With Forgiveness

How long can you hold a grudge? Have you ever been hurt so much by someone or something that you have found it hard to forgive? Perhaps you have yet to forgive someone. My #OneWord for 2015 is reconciliation and I am struggling at the moment with this word. I am not sure reconciliation can… Continue reading Wrestling With Forgiveness

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Choosing Good News

Is anyone else in disbelief, shock and sadness at the persecution and suffering of those being afflicted by terrorists at the moment? My heart actually aches. It grieves with those that have fallen at the hands of the wicked. It hurts alongside those that are mourning because of the imprisonment, torture and death of their… Continue reading Choosing Good News

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Stephen Fry and his God Dialogue

Never did I think I would ever be so bold as to challenge the brilliant mind and interesting words of Stephen Fry. Let's just say it got personal? (Haha.) I like to consider, think and write about topics in the news that concern God and faith. Mr.Fry, a well known television personality and atheist in the… Continue reading Stephen Fry and his God Dialogue

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Remembering Auschwitz

Today marks 70 years since the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Red Army of the Soviet Union in 1945. Pictures, audio and video footage highlight some of the horrific scenes experienced by those afflicted by Nazi ideology. The depths of humanity's capability to carry out evil is ingrained in the history of Europe.… Continue reading Remembering Auschwitz

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A Letter To Halloween

Dear Halloween, Thank you for the invitation to your celebrations this evening. However, I regret to inform you that I must decline. Tonight you come on your annual visit to our neighbourhood. However, you seem to arrive earlier and earlier every year in our shops. Ghosts, witches, zombies, blood, spiders, vampires...Their costumes and props are… Continue reading A Letter To Halloween

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A Blogger Blogging About My Blog: Why I Write The Mustard Seed

This week at #The Loft, we are chatting about blogging! As a blogger since 2011, I have never thought about talking about my blog as a subject in itself. Usually, it writes itself and people generally get the idea... (I think). However, it is a great opportunity to share with you the motivations behind why… Continue reading A Blogger Blogging About My Blog: Why I Write The Mustard Seed