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The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Scrubbing floors. Scraping plates. Watering plants. Emptying bins. Wiping counters. Hoovering carpets. Writing lists. Planning meals. Making beds. Chasing toddler. Sweeping up. Cooking dinner. Clearing toys. Life can feel like a continuous verb at times. From the moment I wake, it's all systems go. I only have one child who STILL has a nap. So… Continue reading The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

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Blogumentary #2 – Where My Head Is At

It's two days until due date. I took a nap on the sofa this afternoon. It turns out going to the loo several times a night and walking to Aldi to get some shopping is enough to make my body stop. I manage to do chores but all I want to do right now is… Continue reading Blogumentary #2 – Where My Head Is At

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Joy In My Everyday

Getting an infection was just what the doctor ordered. How weird does that sound? An infection that stopped me in my tracks, changed my plans and made me feel pretty ill actually worked out for good. It made me see certain parts of my life with a fresh pair of eyes, even through my smudged… Continue reading Joy In My Everyday