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The Mustard Seed Mum: When Patience Runs Out

As I sit to write, someone decided now was a good time to pull out the world's noisiest leaf blower. It's like an outdoor vacuum cleaner. It's irritating. It's persistent. It's loud. And it's getting louder - still. How long is this noise going to disrupt the street? Not only am I trying to type… Continue reading The Mustard Seed Mum: When Patience Runs Out

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When Good Friday Doesn’t Seem Good

Hot cross buns have been toasted and eaten. The church service was amazing - there was a goat and it peed in the aisle (more on the goat later). Across the country, many are celebrating Good Friday. As Christians we remember that Jesus Christ died a horrible death by crucifixion. Doesn't sound good does it?… Continue reading When Good Friday Doesn’t Seem Good

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Pardon my Poetry

Writing this I feel numb. The words I write don't seem to come. Watching loved ones suffer some more, I am tempted to close the door. Lock it shut. Lock it tight. I don't have the strength to stand and fight. The tears roll down, I just don't care. I feel guilty as they share.… Continue reading Pardon my Poetry

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Living Life at 180°

When I saw the news of Rev. Jacques Hamel, the French priest who was martyred during Mass by ISIS sympathisers, I felt sick. Truth be told, I cried mixed tears of sadness, anger and fear. I have found myself not wanting to read the news. Following Jesus has suddenly become more real than ever. Jesus was… Continue reading Living Life at 180°

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Real Love in the face of hate.

It's a mad world. The digital age has made it possible to access news like never before. Sadly, a lot of the news that I digest digitally is bleak. Football hooliganism, the death of YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie, the Orlando shooting at the LGBT nightclub, Westboro Baptist Church spilling out hate in response to the… Continue reading Real Love in the face of hate.

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Lessons from a Shape Sorter

Most of us would have played with a shape sorter at some point in our lives. As tiny tots we tried to push the different shapes into the holes. We gradually noticed that there was one shape for one hole. Trial and error helped us to figure that out. As my 24th birthday approaches, I… Continue reading Lessons from a Shape Sorter

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What Does A Beetle & The 7/7 Bombings Have In Common?

Today I came face to face with my fears. I came across a giant beetle in the house, minding its own business. Normally, it is spiders in the house that instill fear within me. They get my heart racing. I sweat. I cry. I tremble. Turns out it's not just spiders. This beast of a… Continue reading What Does A Beetle & The 7/7 Bombings Have In Common?

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Wrestling With Forgiveness

How long can you hold a grudge? Have you ever been hurt so much by someone or something that you have found it hard to forgive? Perhaps you have yet to forgive someone. My #OneWord for 2015 is reconciliation and I am struggling at the moment with this word. I am not sure reconciliation can… Continue reading Wrestling With Forgiveness

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Will We Practise What We Preach?

Looking around my church, I see people. Lots of people. The more I look around I think of how I don't know half of them - maybe even over half (but that's a blog post for another day). I think I recognise that family over there - maybe. Despite feeling like a small fish in… Continue reading Will We Practise What We Preach?

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Choosing Good News

Is anyone else in disbelief, shock and sadness at the persecution and suffering of those being afflicted by terrorists at the moment? My heart actually aches. It grieves with those that have fallen at the hands of the wicked. It hurts alongside those that are mourning because of the imprisonment, torture and death of their… Continue reading Choosing Good News