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Unfollowed but not unfriended

I enjoy social media. My favourite has to be Twitter - I even have a Twitter picture on my wall (my bedroom wall, not Facebook wall... when did a wall become something more than a wall? I've said 'wall' to much). Twitter is my guilty pleasure and it is a fun time waster. I like… Continue reading Unfollowed but not unfriended

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The ‘Nutty’ Writer

'What if people think I'm nuts?' I said. This was part of a conversation I had over Facebook Messenger with someone dear to me. She replied, 'They thought Noah was nuts. They probably thought Moses was nuts. All the most awesome plans will have someone going....she's nuts! You won't know until you try!' What was… Continue reading The ‘Nutty’ Writer

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True Friendship

It is such a beautiful moment to spend time with friends. They can encourage, uplift, wipe away the tears from your eyes, share in your joy, laugh with you, be honest and truthful to you. Friendship is a wonderful blessing. I am thankful for the times when I have been able to have many moments… Continue reading True Friendship

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A special thank you…

I really have been blessed these last few months despite all the trials I have had to overcome. The main reason for this post is to just say thank you to all my friends, family and acquaintances for their love and support. I would love to mention everyone that has impacted my life with positive… Continue reading A special thank you…