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Waiting for words because they matter

Do you know someone who always knows the right thing to say at the right time? Maybe you know someone who always manages to say the wrong thing. Words matter. Whether we speak them out or write them down. Even when we say nothing, that speaks volumes too. Many people will use words to motivate… Continue reading Waiting for words because they matter

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New life from death The flowerpots from last year that once housed beautiful blooms have now grown weeds. As I was sat one afternoon journalling in the sunshine, I glanced at those dead plants. I remembered earlier that week looking out of the window at the sparrows that would fly down to the pots. They would grab the… Continue reading New life from death

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In the hidden places

I have potted some plants and one of the flowers I chose to plan were marigolds. After I had already potted them, I remembered what happened to them last year - the slugs loved them. They didn't last that long and it was a shame. However, the slugs have thus far left them alone and… Continue reading In the hidden places

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Gardening 101: Going for Growth

Last year, I started chopping up a shrub in the garden that I thought had died. It sounded rattly and didn't look that appealing. It turns out that this is what it normally looks like in the winter. Oops. It was not dead, although I was giving it the opportunity to head in that direction.… Continue reading Gardening 101: Going for Growth