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What does time with God look like? What does time with God look like? How can we know Him? Over the years, I have been the queen of excuses regarding the time I intentionally spend with God. I've said 'life is busy, I don't understand what I'm reading in the Bible, I'm too tired, I'm distracted' and so on. However, I… Continue reading What does time with God look like?

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Waiting for words because they matter

Do you know someone who always knows the right thing to say at the right time? Maybe you know someone who always manages to say the wrong thing. Words matter. Whether we speak them out or write them down. Even when we say nothing, that speaks volumes too. Many people will use words to motivate… Continue reading Waiting for words because they matter

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An interview with Emma Scrivener – body image, identity, suffering and community

This is one of the most encouraging & inspiring conversations that I have been a part of and I am blessed to get to share it with you! Emma Scrivener who writes over at A New Name joined me to talk about her experience of having an eating disorder and how her view of God… Continue reading An interview with Emma Scrivener – body image, identity, suffering and community

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The Mustard Seed Mum: What I’m Learning

I am learning a lot about being a mum. Or I think I am. Everyone has their own way of being a parent and puts their stamp on things. There's lots of trial and error involved. For me, a lot of head scratching and confused looks as I try and figure my beautiful boy out.… Continue reading The Mustard Seed Mum: What I’m Learning

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A life of verbs

Quick! Come and join me and let us escape the hustle and bustle of life. I have stolen a few minutes from my day to press these keys once more and type. Life goes from one thing to the next and kind of blurs into one long schedule. Today, I got joy from hanging up some… Continue reading A life of verbs

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A Rubbish Story

On the desk where I do most of my writing, there is a  pink table-top waste bin. It was a gift. Who else has been given a bin as a gift? At face value (and yes, it does have a face) it didn't look like much. However, this bin is a daily reminder that value… Continue reading A Rubbish Story

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My 24th Birthday with One Thousand Gifts

I soon turn 24 years old. I could spend the last few hours of being 23 reflecting on my life up to this point. But that would be an extremely long post and I would not really know where to start or finish, and what to highlight or leave out. So, to celebrate my 24th… Continue reading My 24th Birthday with One Thousand Gifts

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When Life Gets Too Much

A woman is crying tonight. She has been up since five in the morning with bags of tiredness hanging from both eyes. She is exhausted when she wakes up, and barely able to carry on by the evening.  Every day is the same routine. Get up. Get showered. Get dressed. Make the morning drinks for her… Continue reading When Life Gets Too Much

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The ‘F’ Word

Is Ruth really going to write about the 'F' word? She really isn't that good, saintly Christian we depicted her as! What an awful choice of word! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Wash your mouth out with soap! Christians shouldn't swear! Have you repented? Friends, I am sorry if I have roped… Continue reading The ‘F’ Word

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Grace in the Incision

I had an operation today. It was a minor day operation under general anesthetic. I feel pretty tired, but I didn't sleep very well last night. This is the third operation that I have had and it's not pretty. Basically, I have had a pilonidal sinus that has kept getting infected. Today (hopefully), the sinus… Continue reading Grace in the Incision