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Is there hope in suffering? I saw an Instagram post from a Christian I follow who has entered remission from a cancer that she had. Like me, she has a young child and has not had an easy time. However, she recently returned to work as a nurse and was very understandably happy to be back to it. In… Continue reading Is there hope in suffering?

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Welcome Twenty Nineteen

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and celebrated the New Year in a way that brought you joy. The end of 2018 for me was one of struggle. I felt a bit deflated in my writing, in my faith and in some of my relationships with others. I am not… Continue reading Welcome Twenty Nineteen

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Marriage: In Sickness and In Health

Two days after surgery, I am uncomfortable, tired and I feel weak. It is rather frustrating and I think 'Wow, you sound so silly and self-involved.' I mean, this is not the biggest, scariest surgery in the world. I am a pro at this operation recovery malarkey now. But I have to admit it. I… Continue reading Marriage: In Sickness and In Health

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Today I Am Thankful For…

... the National Health Service. Just a quick post of thanks - being thankful is important and I am looking forward to sharing what I am thankful for with you throughout the year. Today's post is focusing on the NHS and healthcare specifically. I am thankful for: The NHS being free at the point of… Continue reading Today I Am Thankful For…