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The Blog is Back

Welcome back to The Mustard Seed - the blog that I have been crafting since 2011. I had a break over the summer to think and pray about the next steps of my writing. Of course, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away during this time, so I popped back to write a reflective piece… Continue reading The Blog is Back

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5 of my cancer posts for World Cancer Day 2019

It's been almost a decade since I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. A lot has happened in that time. The fact that I can reflect about the experience and have been in remission for this long is something I am very thankful for. Life is precious. Someone very close to me is going through another… Continue reading 5 of my cancer posts for World Cancer Day 2019

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Bruce Almighty

When I was first diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in January 2011, my world was forever changed. I had just settled in with some wonderful flat mates, my course at university was challenging but I was getting through the assignments with much success, my course mates were legendary,  I lived independently for the first time and… Continue reading Bruce Almighty