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The Greatest Invitation

Writing has been hard the last couple of weeks. Circumstances out of my control came upon me and flooded me with all sorts of thoughts, feelings and emotions. I will write more about these circumstances in the future, but currently I am going through the storm. My strength just feels zapped. Ideas for my writing… Continue reading The Greatest Invitation

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“Unless I See, I Will Not Believe.”

It is natural to put our faith in what we see. We put our faith in our job. Our money. Our family. Our friends. Our house. Our possessions. Our transport. Ourselves. We tend to put our faith in everything else but God. It is foolishness to those that do not believe in God to put… Continue reading “Unless I See, I Will Not Believe.”

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Mark Driscoll – My Thoughts

I found out about Mark Driscoll's resignation from my Twitter feed. It has been very sad to see the downfall of Driscoll - firstly from the church planting network that he co-founded 'Acts 29', then his 6 week break from ministry in response to the many allegations around his leadership, and now his final letter… Continue reading Mark Driscoll – My Thoughts