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Christmas Light

Looking out our kitchen window at night, I look at the house in the next street. They have a small Christmas tree perched on their upstairs windowsill. When it is dark, the lights on that tree shine so beautifully bright against a black backdrop. Seeing this light gives me joy and comfort - it is… Continue reading Christmas Light

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An interview with Emma Scrivener – body image, identity, suffering and community

This is one of the most encouraging & inspiring conversations that I have been a part of and I am blessed to get to share it with you! Emma Scrivener who writes over at A New Name joined me to talk about her experience of having an eating disorder and how her view of God… Continue reading An interview with Emma Scrivener – body image, identity, suffering and community

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Superhero or Saviour?

Yesterday, I accidentally coordinated my son's clothes into the colours of Superman. Red trousers and a blue top with the Superman 'S' on the front. All he was missing was the cape. It was pretty amusing that he was dressed up like this on the way to see the nurse. He had a minor allergic… Continue reading Superhero or Saviour?

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The Shadow

I'm going to try and keep this short. We're all busy people these days, aren't we? There's so much I could say, but right now, I just don't have the time or the right words to say. In a nutshell, I am experiencing my first recognisable battle in the mind. I say 'recognisable' because I… Continue reading The Shadow

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Hope in a Heatwave

I love soothing Sunday moments. A quiet time of respite for the soul. This Sunday brought a welcome break from the darkness that I have encountered in the headlines this week. There was a baptism at church and the words spoken by the guy who got baptised moved me deeply. His wife's faithful witness over… Continue reading Hope in a Heatwave

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Letting Go

Have you got something in your life that you take ownership of - it's yours and you can't imagine giving it away or handing it over? Does the thought of losing something precious to you fill you with dread? How about trying to break a habit that you just can't seem to stop? I've been… Continue reading Letting Go

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Stars and Street Lights

You know that expression 'you can't see the wood for the trees?' Well, when I walked home the other night I came up with my own idiom (sort of). 'You can't see the stars for the street lights' Laugh if you will. I suppose it does not make much sense right now. Nonetheless, if you… Continue reading Stars and Street Lights

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Guest Blogger (Joel Clemence): Be Bold, Be Strong

Thought it would be awesome to have a guest blogger to share some insights and ideas on The Mustard Seed. Hoping to make this a regular occurrence, if I can find willing people to write! To start it off, I thought of no one better than my own husband - Joel. He is going to… Continue reading Guest Blogger (Joel Clemence): Be Bold, Be Strong

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A Letter To Halloween

Dear Halloween, Thank you for the invitation to your celebrations this evening. However, I regret to inform you that I must decline. Tonight you come on your annual visit to our neighbourhood. However, you seem to arrive earlier and earlier every year in our shops. Ghosts, witches, zombies, blood, spiders, vampires...Their costumes and props are… Continue reading A Letter To Halloween