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When envy tries to wear you down Her name is Envy. You might know her. She whispers in your ear that who you are and what you have is not enough. You need to be like someone else or go for what that other person has because it's what you really want. She seems to crop up online - or that… Continue reading When envy tries to wear you down

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Follow Jesus, not me

To follow Jesus today, do we need a following ourselves? There are many Christians who have hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of followers on social media and they have the potential to reach many with the gospel. Even with a handful of blog or social media followers, are we making the most of the… Continue reading Follow Jesus, not me

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A Different Perspective

How I miss the days before social media. I feel that I need to insert an obligatory 'yes, it is a great way to keep in touch with people and it has other benefits and I am probably not going to delete my accounts'. The very fact that I am able to share this blog… Continue reading A Different Perspective

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The Good Samaritan – What Would Jesus Tweet?

Twitter I am spending increasing amounts of time on Twitter. It takes up a lot of my time, scanning through headlines, stories, blogs, news amongst other things. There is a new tweet nearly every second on my 'twitter reel' and I constantly find myself updating it. Generally, I use it to tell people about Jesus… Continue reading The Good Samaritan – What Would Jesus Tweet?