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An interview with Janet Morley

It's a pleasure to have writer Janet Morley on my blog as she shares her faith and writing journey, plus her recently published poetry anthology 'Love Set You Going' is definitely worth adding to the Christmas list... Tell us a bit about you and how you became a Christian. I grew up in a very… Continue reading An interview with Janet Morley

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Pardon my Poetry

Writing this I feel numb. The words I write don't seem to come. Watching loved ones suffer some more, I am tempted to close the door. Lock it shut. Lock it tight. I don't have the strength to stand and fight. The tears roll down, I just don't care. I feel guilty as they share.… Continue reading Pardon my Poetry

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What do you see?

[ What do you see when you look at me? A happy girl, content and free? Or hurting inside, sad as can be? Do you see me for what I am - or do you honestly not give a damn? Am I a person, or am I friend? Would you look out for me until… Continue reading What do you see?