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Be Right Back – on a blog break

I've only just started writing again, and now I'm disappearing? Well, not quite. You see, I have very limited time to write at the moment (being at home with young children does that), so I am trying to be a bit more organised! My blog will continue and I aim to post content here regularly.… Continue reading Be Right Back – on a blog break

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Hope for Hard Times There is a lot of fear, panic, uncertainty and unknowns that we are experiencing in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. Many people are also rallying together in light of this situation to help their communities in new ways to ensure social distancing. And I personally am thanking all of those individuals who are… Continue reading Hope for Hard Times

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Pray Big by Alistair Begg – BOOK REVIEW

It's probably happened to the best of us, but prayer can prove to be a challenge. Sometimes we don't know where to start. At other times we have so much to pray for we don't know where to finish. Maybe our mind drifts. Or maybe we just don't get around to it, unless we are… Continue reading Pray Big by Alistair Begg – BOOK REVIEW

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5 Things to Pray for Your Kids by Melissa B. Kruger – BOOK REVIEW

This is my first book review relating to faith and children which I am excited about! I know the importance of prayer in my own life and now I have the blessing to be able to pray over my own son. As a new mum, it can be overwhelming at times to get through the… Continue reading 5 Things to Pray for Your Kids by Melissa B. Kruger – BOOK REVIEW

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Crying out for a new song

Can you hear my cry? It feels as if you are silent. Do you notice the anguish of the ones I love? It looks like they have been forgotten. Do you look on as one challenge piles onto another challenge, and then turn your face away? It seems as if you may be preoccupied whilst… Continue reading Crying out for a new song

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What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

Are there people in your life that you feel you can share everything with, warts and all? Like a tree in winter, can you expose your branches of heartache, sin, fears, doubts, thoughts and everything in between to that person or group? If you have an accountability partner, do you tell them absolutely everything in… Continue reading What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

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Pressing on in Prayer

Graphic by Kerry Messer #TheLoft To Participate: 1. Be creative. We provide the prompt. You feel free to use words, photos, video, audio, your family pet, whatever, to communicate on the weekly prompt. 2. Listen twice as much. If you leave one link, visit two. 3. Be a community. Include #TheLoft graphic and/or hashtag in… Continue reading Pressing on in Prayer

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Today I Am Thankful For…

... the National Health Service. Just a quick post of thanks - being thankful is important and I am looking forward to sharing what I am thankful for with you throughout the year. Today's post is focusing on the NHS and healthcare specifically. I am thankful for: The NHS being free at the point of… Continue reading Today I Am Thankful For…