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A Different Perspective

How I miss the days before social media. I feel that I need to insert an obligatory 'yes, it is a great way to keep in touch with people and it has other benefits and I am probably not going to delete my accounts'. The very fact that I am able to share this blog… Continue reading A Different Perspective

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Lessons from a Shape Sorter

Most of us would have played with a shape sorter at some point in our lives. As tiny tots we tried to push the different shapes into the holes. We gradually noticed that there was one shape for one hole. Trial and error helped us to figure that out. As my 24th birthday approaches, I… Continue reading Lessons from a Shape Sorter

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Choosing Good News

Is anyone else in disbelief, shock and sadness at the persecution and suffering of those being afflicted by terrorists at the moment? My heart actually aches. It grieves with those that have fallen at the hands of the wicked. It hurts alongside those that are mourning because of the imprisonment, torture and death of their… Continue reading Choosing Good News