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Is Hell For Real? by Erik Raymond – Book Review

The latest book in the 'Questions Christians Ask' book series 'Is Hell For Real? And other questions about judgment, eternity and the God of love' is a topic that I have grappled with time and again. This book - actually any Christian book on the subject of hell - makes for uncomfortable reading. However, as… Continue reading Is Hell For Real? by Erik Raymond – Book Review

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What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

Are there people in your life that you feel you can share everything with, warts and all? Like a tree in winter, can you expose your branches of heartache, sin, fears, doubts, thoughts and everything in between to that person or group? If you have an accountability partner, do you tell them absolutely everything in… Continue reading What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

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Will We Practise What We Preach?

Looking around my church, I see people. Lots of people. The more I look around I think of how I don't know half of them - maybe even over half (but that's a blog post for another day). I think I recognise that family over there - maybe. Despite feeling like a small fish in… Continue reading Will We Practise What We Preach?

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Choosing Good News

Is anyone else in disbelief, shock and sadness at the persecution and suffering of those being afflicted by terrorists at the moment? My heart actually aches. It grieves with those that have fallen at the hands of the wicked. It hurts alongside those that are mourning because of the imprisonment, torture and death of their… Continue reading Choosing Good News