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An interview with Gavin Calver – story, sin and sharing good news

Tell us a little bit about you and how you came to faith! I grew up in a Christian home, did my best to follow the faith but it didn't quite work out that way. When I was 14, I got banned from church for six months and left the church then for quite a… Continue reading An interview with Gavin Calver – story, sin and sharing good news

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Superhero or Saviour?

Yesterday, I accidentally coordinated my son's clothes into the colours of Superman. Red trousers and a blue top with the Superman 'S' on the front. All he was missing was the cape. It was pretty amusing that he was dressed up like this on the way to see the nurse. He had a minor allergic… Continue reading Superhero or Saviour?

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A Rubbish Story

On the desk where I do most of my writing, there is a ¬†pink table-top waste bin. It was a gift. Who else has been given a bin as a gift? At face value (and yes, it does have a face) it didn't look like much. However, this bin is a daily reminder that value… Continue reading A Rubbish Story

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Remembering Auschwitz

Today marks 70 years since the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Red Army of the Soviet Union in 1945. Pictures, audio and video footage highlight some of the horrific scenes experienced by those afflicted by Nazi ideology. The depths of humanity's capability to carry out evil is ingrained in the history of Europe.… Continue reading Remembering Auschwitz

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Cheerleading Faith

Blogging is so awesome - especially the link-up communities online that come together to share, encourage, equip, assist, enable, love, care and hope with each other. I have found reading the words of fellow bloggers like a coffee for my soul - it keeps me alert, writing, springing about and it's just nice to have… Continue reading Cheerleading Faith

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What Does Good News Look Like?

What makes a good news story? Is it an exceptionally well written article that captures detail, whilst ensuring that the key facts are easily accessible for the reader? Perhaps it is a story with a happy ending, although I often find myself having to dig deep when reading the papers. A good news story could… Continue reading What Does Good News Look Like?