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Why Did You Doubt?

“Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.”Elisabeth Elliot Christians are known for being people of faith who have confidence in God. Surely that trust in God is the antithesis of doubt, right? But what if it's God we are doubting? How can He be trusted if X, Y and Z is happening?… Continue reading Why Did You Doubt?

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Who I’d thank at the Golden Globes

Confession of a gawping Instagram user - I really enjoyed seeing the pictures from the red carpet at the Golden Globes. I love seeing all the gorgeous dresses, pretty hairstyles and nice makeup (I'm not even that interested in that stuff normally!). It's an exciting time and it was made more real by an Instagram… Continue reading Who I’d thank at the Golden Globes

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The Suitcase

It's been a tough couple of days. The depression lifted for quite some time but decided to rear it's ugly head yesterday. After a wonderful women's retreat on Saturday with much praise, worship and reflection and getting a chance to share some of my story, I should have prepared myself for the valley after the… Continue reading The Suitcase

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The Higher Way Code – No Overtaking

  Have you seen Michael McIntyre talk about overtaking farm traffic? It starts at about 4:36 on the following clip: If you haven't watched the link he describes the experience of wanting to overtake a tractor and and entering the 'death lane' by driving into oncoming traffic. Nobody wants to drive into oncoming traffic.… Continue reading The Higher Way Code – No Overtaking