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The Mustard Seed Mum: When Patience Runs Out As I sit to write, someone decided now was a good time to pull out the world's noisiest leaf blower. It's like an outdoor vacuum cleaner. It's irritating. It's persistent. It's loud. And it's getting louder - still. How long is this noise going to disrupt the street? Not only am I trying to… Continue reading The Mustard Seed Mum: When Patience Runs Out

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A Rubbish Story

On the desk where I do most of my writing, there is a ¬†pink table-top waste bin. It was a gift. Who else has been given a bin as a gift? At face value (and yes, it does have a face) it didn't look like much. However, this bin is a daily reminder that value… Continue reading A Rubbish Story

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Mark Driscoll – My Thoughts

I found out about Mark Driscoll's resignation from my Twitter feed. It has been very sad to see the downfall of Driscoll - firstly from the church planting network that he co-founded 'Acts 29', then his 6 week break from ministry in response to the many allegations around his leadership, and now his final letter… Continue reading Mark Driscoll – My Thoughts