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A life of verbs

Quick! Come and join me and let us escape the hustle and bustle of life. I have stolen a few minutes from my day to press these keys once more and type. Life goes from one thing to the next and kind of blurs into one long schedule. Today, I got joy from hanging up some… Continue reading A life of verbs

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Every photo tells a story

  Beads of water. Holding on. Shimmering in the light. Beauty can be found in the smallest things. Thankful hearts. Reflecting. Beacons of light in a dark world. Slowing down. Time standing still. Resting. Quietly trusting that God is here. Breathing in the morning air. Drinking in the beauty of another day in the presence… Continue reading Every photo tells a story

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Think. Thank. Adapt.

Hi there! It has been over a month since I last updated and for that I apologise. It has been a very busy few weeks. I have moved back to Plymouth and have re-started my studies. It has been so wonderful to be with all my university friends again but also back in Devon. We… Continue reading Think. Thank. Adapt.