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A Different Perspective

How I miss the days before social media. I feel that I need to insert an obligatory 'yes, it is a great way to keep in touch with people and it has other benefits and I am probably not going to delete my accounts'. The very fact that I am able to share this blog… Continue reading A Different Perspective

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Letting Go

Have you got something in your life that you take ownership of - it's yours and you can't imagine giving it away or handing it over? Does the thought of losing something precious to you fill you with dread? How about trying to break a habit that you just can't seem to stop? I've been… Continue reading Letting Go

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Wrestling With Forgiveness

How long can you hold a grudge? Have you ever been hurt so much by someone or something that you have found it hard to forgive? Perhaps you have yet to forgive someone. My #OneWord for 2015 is reconciliation and I am struggling at the moment with this word. I am not sure reconciliation can… Continue reading Wrestling With Forgiveness

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Where Was God In The Massacre?

I am writing this with great trepidation. How can I write about something so tragic? What words could I possibly offer in an event that is so fresh on the minds of the readers? I feel led to write something. Sitting idly by and watching the day tick away may be the easy option, but… Continue reading Where Was God In The Massacre?