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In the hidden places

I have potted some plants and one of the flowers I chose to plan were marigolds. After I had already potted them, I remembered what happened to them last year - the slugs loved them. They didn't last that long and it was a shame. However, the slugs have thus far left them alone and… Continue reading In the hidden places

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Gardening 101: Going for Growth

Last year, I started chopping up a shrub in the garden that I thought had died. It sounded rattly and didn't look that appealing. It turns out that this is what it normally looks like in the winter. Oops. It was not dead, although I was giving it the opportunity to head in that direction.… Continue reading Gardening 101: Going for Growth

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And breathe…

I just love the autumn... mainly because I prefer the slightly cooler weather and the beautiful colours on the leaves. This time last year I was in the middle of the worst sleep deprivation of my life. I was hallucinating. Crying. Barely human. Stumbling through each moment trying to distinguish between night and day. We… Continue reading And breathe…