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Waiting for words because they matter

Do you know someone who always knows the right thing to say at the right time? Maybe you know someone who always manages to say the wrong thing. Words matter. Whether we speak them out or write them down. Even when we say nothing, that speaks volumes too. Many people will use words to motivate… Continue reading Waiting for words because they matter

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Unemployment – a short devotional 5

I started writing a devotional when I was going through unemployment after university in 2014. It was very challenging for me and I still wrestle with my identity being wrapped up in 'what I do' at times. I had only written it for seven days, but thought I would share it here to maybe encourage someone… Continue reading Unemployment – a short devotional 5

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Why You Shouldn’t Grumble About Your Emails

My little segment of space on the internet has been quiet. I guess my thoughts have been pretty quiet which is unusual for me. A couple of nights ago I made the mistake of having coffee before bed. I watched as my friends ordered decaf at the restaurant we were at, and I somehow convinced… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Grumble About Your Emails

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The Higher Way Code – No Overtaking

Have you seen comedian Michael McIntyre talk about overtaking farm traffic? He describes the experience of wanting to overtake a tractor and and entering the 'death lane' by driving into oncoming traffic. Nobody wants to drive into oncoming traffic. You wait for the straight bit of road and edge out and then edge back in… Continue reading The Higher Way Code – No Overtaking

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Great Expectations

What a difference 24 hours can make. You know when people say 'sleep on it' before you make a decision? Maybe that's good advice. Do we wake up with a fresh perspective after catching 40 winks? Maybe. I think it helps me when I return to a piece of writing after a while to look at… Continue reading Great Expectations

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Microwaves, Take That and Sssshhh!

It's been two days since chemotherapy. I was so tired yesterday. I blame one of my anti-sickness pills. It can knock me out cold. I fell asleep in the chair when having the chemo - that's how good it is! Anyways, my neck, shoulders and back feel like they are on fire. My legs felt… Continue reading Microwaves, Take That and Sssshhh!