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Waiting for words because they matter

Do you know someone who always knows the right thing to say at the right time? Maybe you know someone who always manages to say the wrong thing. Words matter. Whether we speak them out or write them down. Even when we say nothing, that speaks volumes too. Many people will use words to motivate… Continue reading Waiting for words because they matter

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New life from death The flowerpots from last year that once housed beautiful blooms have now grown weeds. As I was sat one afternoon journalling in the sunshine, I glanced at those dead plants. I remembered earlier that week looking out of the window at the sparrows that would fly down to the pots. They would grab the… Continue reading New life from death

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Why Weakness Matters

What if we were to give all of our material wealth, security and influence up? Or what if it was taken from us? What would our life look like? How would that make us feel? Where do we place our trust? Who do we trust? Can we have it all? What does it 'all' actually… Continue reading Why Weakness Matters

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The ‘F’ Word

Is Ruth really going to write about the 'F' word? She really isn't that good, saintly Christian we depicted her as! What an awful choice of word! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Wash your mouth out with soap! Christians shouldn't swear! Have you repented? Friends, I am sorry if I have roped… Continue reading The ‘F’ Word