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In the hidden places

I have potted some plants and one of the flowers I chose to plan were marigolds. After I had already potted them, I remembered what happened to them last year - the slugs loved them. They didn't last that long and it was a shame. However, the slugs have thus far left them alone and… Continue reading In the hidden places

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Superhero or Saviour?

Yesterday, I accidentally coordinated my son's clothes into the colours of Superman. Red trousers and a blue top with the Superman 'S' on the front. All he was missing was the cape. It was pretty amusing that he was dressed up like this on the way to see the nurse. He had a minor allergic… Continue reading Superhero or Saviour?

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Watering the grass

Wow. You are all really kind. Seriously. My last post had many of you sharing words and even songs of encouragement to lift my spirit. I received comments on the blog and on Facebook, texts, calls and even visitors. My intention was not to cause people to worry about me, but I am very thankful… Continue reading Watering the grass