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Pardon my Poetry

Writing this I feel numb. The words I write don't seem to come. Watching loved ones suffer some more, I am tempted to close the door. Lock it shut. Lock it tight. I don't have the strength to stand and fight. The tears roll down, I just don't care. I feel guilty as they share.… Continue reading Pardon my Poetry

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Five Years of Blogging

Today marks my 5th anniversary of blogging. I have written about all sorts of topics including: Bruce Almighty, becoming a wife, Auschwitz, the homeless,  the Highway Code (or my version of it at least) and so much more - check out the archives on my the right hand side of my home page. A lot has happened… Continue reading Five Years of Blogging

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For the first time in a long time, I have no words. But yet I am still compelled to write. I spent a good 45 minutes staring at an empty post which was eagerly anticipating my familiar tap of the keyboard. Today, no words would come. I started writing a poem, but saved it in… Continue reading Words