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Ropes, rocks and resurrection

Have you ever participated in a tug of war? I think the closest I have come to a tug of war is pulling a Christmas cracker in the hope that I will get the joke, the gift inside and the bigger bit of cracker. A full on tug of war is a 'sport that directly… Continue reading Ropes, rocks and resurrection

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The time is now

A lot of my time is spent lost in my thoughts which is also part of the territory as a writer. I have had a lot of dreams - some that have come to life and others that have fizzled out. There have also been those dreams that have been put on the shelf for… Continue reading The time is now

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Great Expectations

What a difference 24 hours can make. You know when people say 'sleep on it' before you make a decision? Maybe that's good advice. Do we wake up with a fresh perspective after catching 40 winks? Maybe. I think it helps me when I return to a piece of writing after a while to look at… Continue reading Great Expectations