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Be Right Back – on a blog break

I've only just started writing again, and now I'm disappearing? Well, not quite. You see, I have very limited time to write at the moment (being at home with young children does that), so I am trying to be a bit more organised! My blog will continue and I aim to post content here regularly.… Continue reading Be Right Back – on a blog break

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A Short Tribute to the Craft of Writing

Sitting here at my nice new desk at home I feel like more of a professional writer somehow. I have a desk and everything. That's pretty big stuff. However, actually getting down to writing something has become a struggle recently. I feel like there is a big chunk of nothingness in my mind and absolutely… Continue reading A Short Tribute to the Craft of Writing

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The ‘Nutty’ Writer

'What if people think I'm nuts?' I said. This was part of a conversation I had over Facebook Messenger with someone dear to me. She replied, 'They thought Noah was nuts. They probably thought Moses was nuts. All the most awesome plans will have someone going....she's nuts! You won't know until you try!' What was… Continue reading The ‘Nutty’ Writer