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Just a blogger?

When people ask what I do for a living, I have a bad habit of saying 'I'm just a mum'. I even try to prepare myself to answer differently, but I always seem to sneak the 'just' in there. But there really is no 'just' about it. I am a mum. And it's a very… Continue reading Just a blogger?

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An interview with Fiona Lloyd – writing, parenting, publishing

Fiona is a dear friend and we have volunteered together on the Association of Christian Writers. Her encouragement and support during my pregnancy and in the following months of my son's life have been so helpful. I caught up with her to find out more about her recently published book 'The Diary of a (Trying… Continue reading An interview with Fiona Lloyd – writing, parenting, publishing

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An interview with ‘Freed From Shame’ author Dawn Holmes

It was wonderful to speak to Dawn Holmes who wrote 'Freed From Shame', a book about addressing the stigma of mental illness in the church. I wrote a book review about her debut book here. She runs various talks and workshops with co-author Karen Todd. Did you always think you would write a book? I never… Continue reading An interview with ‘Freed From Shame’ author Dawn Holmes

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Two questions I don’t like to answer

In the culture that I live in, there are two questions that I have struggled to answer in recent years. I know that people don't ask these questions to be malicious (I don't think...), but these are common questions that get bounced around often in social circles. Let's kick off with... 'What do you do?'… Continue reading Two questions I don’t like to answer

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A Short Tribute to the Craft of Writing

Sitting here at my nice new desk at home I feel like more of a professional writer somehow. I have a desk and everything. That's pretty big stuff. However, actually getting down to writing something has become a struggle recently. I feel like there is a big chunk of nothingness in my mind and absolutely… Continue reading A Short Tribute to the Craft of Writing

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The ‘Nutty’ Writer

'What if people think I'm nuts?' I said. This was part of a conversation I had over Facebook Messenger with someone dear to me. She replied, 'They thought Noah was nuts. They probably thought Moses was nuts. All the most awesome plans will have someone going....she's nuts! You won't know until you try!' What was… Continue reading The ‘Nutty’ Writer

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Writing When It Hurts

Sat at the keyboard, all I want to do is curl up in bed, pull the duvet up over my head and sleep. Before I fall asleep I would probably shed some tears. I cry - a lot. It's part of me expressing that inward ache of deep sadness. Rather than yelling, I cry. Rather… Continue reading Writing When It Hurts

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Five Years of Blogging

Today marks my 5th anniversary of blogging. I have written about all sorts of topics including: Bruce Almighty, becoming a wife, Auschwitz, the homeless,  the Highway Code (or my version of it at least) and so much more - check out the archives on my the right hand side of my home page. A lot has happened… Continue reading Five Years of Blogging

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The Vulnerable Me

It's 2016. The first post of the year. Where to begin? Truth be told, I don't know where to begin. I find that when I don't know where to begin, I should go back to the start. Blogging started back in 2011 when I wanted to tell my friends and wider readers about my experience… Continue reading The Vulnerable Me

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Ruth the Writer

My blog has been silent for a few weeks now. The busyness of life has crept in once more. I find myself able to take a few minutes to type a few thoughts down on this grey November morning. What has been going on in my life that has kept me from the joy of… Continue reading Ruth the Writer