I have compiled a list of websites which I have found useful or have known to have helped others. These are generally from a Christian perspective which reflects my interest and the focus of my blog. Some of these will overlap (e.g. many are charities but do not fall under that category etc.) and these categories are not defining, but help me to organise them for easier browsing. Plus, I will be adding to this over time. Please check out their websites for more information!

The Bible

I often use the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) and the English Standard Version (ESV), but there are other translations to consider. Have a look at this helpful link from the Bible Society: Which is the best Bible translation? 

The Gospel

Thinking about the tough stuff and exploring the Christian faith

Encouraging and equipping churches and individuals (including the above)

Additional Needs


Mental Health

Charities & Organisations


Children, Youth, Students


Home Education



Writing, publishers, books and more