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BOOK REVIEW: Truth for Life by Alistair Begg

Published by The Good Book Company (November 2021)

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Alistair Begg’s new devotional is biblically solid, rich in wisdom and immensely practical. Each day is a reflective and relevant thought based on a verse of Scripture and written in a clear, down-to-earth way. What I love about Alistair as a speaker and writer is his ability to convey deep, theologically-rich truths in a simple way. I know that this devotional is going to enrich my walk with God because I can trust the author to gently keep pointing me to Jesus. It’s a beautifully presented book, and although the font is a little small, it’s still easy to read and every word on the page leaves you wanting more. It’s like a year-round Advent calendar for the soul! I look forward to opening it up each day.

There are three icons at the end of each page which prompt the reader to consider how God may be calling them to think differently, reordering their hearts affections and their calling as they go about their day. The icons are only explained at the beginning of the book, so I found myself having to flip back to the beginning to remind myself what each icon meant! However, it is a useful way to engage with what Alistair is sharing, and provides time to respond to what God may be wanting to speak to us about in our individual lives.

At the bottom of every page there is an option to follow the Bible along through the year. The Bible-reading plan includes chapters from both the Old and New Testament which ensures you will be able to work through the Bible and go deeper into God’s Word. There is a lot of treasure that can be mined in this book, and it can be tempting to skip through it because there is much to be gleaned from the pages. Yet, taking the time to read over the carefully chosen headings and verses, the devotion itself and then praying through its application means it’s designed for you to take your time. It’s meant to be read day by day; let the truth of God’s Word dwell in you richly (Colossians 3:16).

This would make a wonderful gift for someone, especially at Christmas, so they can start the New Year with solid truth and helpful guidance. It starts on January 1st, but whichever point in the book you dive in, you’ll be plunging into waters of wisdom. There will be plenty of insights into the Bible that is sure to increase the knowledge and understanding of the readers. But this devotional should be an opportunity to be used by God to transform the heart, affect change in daily living and fill the mind with truth for life.

Alistair Begg is Senior Pastor at Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Bible teacher at Truth For Life, which is heard on the radio and online around the world. He graduated from theological college in London and served two churches in Scotland before moving to Ohio. He is married to Susan and together they have three grown children.

You can purchase ‘Truth for Life’ from your local Christian retailer, The Good Book Company, 10ofthose, Eden and Amazon.