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Introducing Hope Mentoring

I am really excited to launch Hope Mentoring at!

Life can be hectic, anxiety-inducing, and leave us feeling lonely and isolated at times.

Hope Mentoring is for women who would appreciate regular mentoring as a space to talk, be listened to, and lovingly reminded of their ultimate hope in Jesus. It has been on my heart to provide a space here, extending this ministry of hope in a practical way for those who may need encouragement and support.

Hope Mentoring will help you to:

  • Slow down from all the demands that life brings.
  • Provide space to reflect and process.
  • Feel heard and supported through active listening.
  • Be encouraged and challenged to look to Jesus Christ through Bible reading and prayer together.

Hope Mentoring involves:

  • An initial call to see if Hope Mentoring would be a good fit for you.
  • A Mentoring Agreement to be signed by both the mentor and mentee with a plan and expectations outlined.
  • A 1 hour session via Zoom or over the phone every 2 weeks or monthly, with the option to touch base in the future after sessions have finished.

Hope Mentoring is not:

  • Professional counselling or qualified mental health support. If this is needed, it is recommended to reach out to a doctor or seek an accredited counsellor or healthcare professional.
  • For everyone! Mentoring might not be the right thing for you right now, and that’s OK. I’m here if you need it. If you feel Hope Mentoring might bless someone else, do let them know about it.

Is there a cost?

Mentoring is free, but donations are greatly appreciated. Offering mentoring does incur costs to myself, so if you are able to kindly consider making a donation to support this work, it goes a long way in supporting my family, additional running costs here, and helps those who may not be in a position to give at all. I believe that there should be no financial barriers to being mentored and stepping into a deeper, more hope-filled faith. Please do speak with me and we can discuss it together if you have further questions.


If you would value having mentoring for whatever season of life you find yourself in, and would like more information, please get in touch: or via the Contact page.