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A Call To Cry Out

A few days ago, riots broke out in my city. Two teenagers lost their lives, violence ensued in the streets, cars were set on fire and police officers were targeted. Investigations are ongoing to establish the facts surrounding the circumstances that led to their death. In the same week, walking my usual route to church,… Continue reading A Call To Cry Out

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The Sides of Suffering

Yesterday marked two years since I received my own stem cells back after having several days of gruelling high-dose chemotherapy. Having a stem cell transplant to kick the return of Hodgkin Lymphoma after 10 years being cancer free was one of the hardest times of my life. For those wondering what a stem cell transplant… Continue reading The Sides of Suffering

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Why We Home Educate

A picture is worth a thousand words. If it were possible to capture what home education could look like, you need to experience it for yourself. I feel you would remember more by joining in our family moments, flicking through photographs that capture glimpses and seeing our ordinary days. The great, the hard and the… Continue reading Why We Home Educate

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BOOK REVIEW: Hope in an Anxious World by Helen Thorne

Published by The Good Book Company (2021) Hope in an Anxious World by Helen Thorne is a wonderful book that helps the reader to understand anxiety more clearly, find suitable strategies to implement when dealing with anxiety, and addresses the lies that we often believe when faced with anxiety. These lies are the chapter headings… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Hope in an Anxious World by Helen Thorne

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Back to the Beginning: A Ministry of Hope

Do you ever cringe when you think about some of the things you used to do or say? As a writer, I look back at some of my earlier work and quietly chuckle to myself hoping no one will ever read it. I know I am my worst critic and perhaps deserve to cut myself… Continue reading Back to the Beginning: A Ministry of Hope

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Introducing Hope Mentoring

I am really excited to launch Hope Mentoring at! Life can be hectic, anxiety-inducing, and leave us feeling lonely and isolated at times. Hope Mentoring is for women who would appreciate regular mentoring as a space to talk, be listened to, and lovingly reminded of their ultimate hope in Jesus. It has been on… Continue reading Introducing Hope Mentoring

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An Interview with Tim Challies

It was an immense privilege and joy to have the opportunity to speak with blogger, author, pastor and speaker Tim Challies. I have been reading Tim's work for many years, and have been encouraged personally in my own writing journey because of him. I am very thankful for his words and pastoral heart. In 2020,… Continue reading An Interview with Tim Challies

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Happy New… Day?! 5 Reflections for 2023

At the time of writing, we are six days into a brand new year. How is it going so far? Although I am late to the party, Happy New Year to you, dear reader. As this is embarrassingly late to qualify as a New Year post, I would still like to remind you that today… Continue reading Happy New… Day?! 5 Reflections for 2023