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An Interview with Tim Challies

It was an immense privilege and joy to have the opportunity to speak with blogger, author, pastor and speaker Tim Challies. I have been reading Tim's work for many years, and have been encouraged personally in my own writing journey because of him. I am very thankful for his words and pastoral heart. In 2020,… Continue reading An Interview with Tim Challies

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Happy New… Day?! 5 Reflections for 2023

At the time of writing, we are six days into a brand new year. How is it going so far? Although I am late to the party, Happy New Year to you, dear reader. As this is embarrassingly late to qualify as a New Year post, I would still like to remind you that today… Continue reading Happy New… Day?! 5 Reflections for 2023

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Dealing with Difficult Decembers

The countdown to Christmas Day is well underway. Shopping, services and sugar are a very typical expectation for this time of year. I saw a church advertise that it's having five different variations of Christmas Carol services with different kind of music. I honestly don't know what to say to that. On the one hand,… Continue reading Dealing with Difficult Decembers

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An interview with Abby Ball – author of Contemplating Christmas

Super excited to welcome author Abby Ball onto the blog today as we celebrate the release of her new book 'Contemplating Christmas'. It's a beautiful Advent devotional for those who may find Christmas and the build up to it a difficult time. But don't take my word for it... come and meet the author! Can… Continue reading An interview with Abby Ball – author of Contemplating Christmas

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One Thing Is Necessary

Isn't that just one of the best lines ever? If my life was simplified to just one thing rather than the countless other things that demand my attention, what a blissful life that would be. I don't know about you, but I crave a simple, quiet life with plenty of moments to 'just be'. I… Continue reading One Thing Is Necessary

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Perspective in suffering

As I'm writing this, I'm recovering from Covid and have spent the day looking after my daughter who has also been unwell. Apart from having bone ache, a sore throat, a mild cough and a fever, it has not been too bad. For that, I am thankful. Yet, these illnesses that come upon our bodies… Continue reading Perspective in suffering

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The Blog is Back

Welcome back to The Mustard Seed - the blog that I have been crafting since 2011. I had a break over the summer to think and pray about the next steps of my writing. Of course, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away during this time, so I popped back to write a reflective piece… Continue reading The Blog is Back

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A Royal Remembered: Queen Elizabeth II Promoted to Glory

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay Like many of you, I found out the deeply sad news of the death of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II on the 8th September 2022. As a writer, my immediate reaction is to process this enormous void and difficult change with words. In my heart, I feel a deep… Continue reading A Royal Remembered: Queen Elizabeth II Promoted to Glory

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Stopping for Summer

I have decided to take a break from blogging and podcasting for the next few weeks. It's not an easy decision, but it's needed for several reasons. I'm still writing. Please pray as I seek God's help and wisdom. Thank you for your encouragement and support. May Jesus be glorified whatever the next steps look… Continue reading Stopping for Summer