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Just a blogger?

When people ask what I do for a living, I have a bad habit of saying 'I'm just a mum'. I even try to prepare myself to answer differently, but I always seem to sneak the 'just' in there. But there really is no 'just' about it. I am a mum. And it's a very… Continue reading Just a blogger?

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An interview with David Robertson – The Wee Flea

Ever since I asked David if he wouldn't mind helping me answer an atheist on my blog, I have been fascinated with his writing and engagement with others in the public sphere. From being attacked for his views on social media to being banned on Twitter, David is no stranger of being at the centre… Continue reading An interview with David Robertson – The Wee Flea

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Unfollowed but not unfriended

I enjoy social media. My favourite has to be Twitter - I even have a Twitter picture on my wall (my bedroom wall, not Facebook wall... when did a wall become something more than a wall? I've said 'wall' to much). Twitter is my guilty pleasure and it is a fun time waster. I like… Continue reading Unfollowed but not unfriended

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The Good Samaritan – What Would Jesus Tweet?

Twitter I am spending increasing amounts of time on Twitter. It takes up a lot of my time, scanning through headlines, stories, blogs, news amongst other things. There is a new tweet nearly every second on my 'twitter reel' and I constantly find myself updating it. Generally, I use it to tell people about Jesus… Continue reading The Good Samaritan – What Would Jesus Tweet?

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Mark Driscoll – My Thoughts

I found out about Mark Driscoll's resignation from my Twitter feed. It has been very sad to see the downfall of Driscoll - firstly from the church planting network that he co-founded 'Acts 29', then his 6 week break from ministry in response to the many allegations around his leadership, and now his final letter… Continue reading Mark Driscoll – My Thoughts