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Have I Got News For You

Hey everyone! I feel it has been far too long since I’ve updated this blog, much to my annoyance as I would love to write every day, but there hasn’t been much to share. Until now! There is a saying that once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. Recently I felt like saying, ‘No, there is definately more rocks under rock bottom and I was clearly buried amongst the rubble.’ I’ve felt like that many a time throughout this year. However, have I got news for you!!!

I have been extremely blessed these last couple of days with what I like to call my ‘Quadruple Blessing Overload’. I had four pieces of good news in a very short space of time.

  1. I no longer have to inject myself in the tummy every night! The doctors said the risk of me getting a blood clot now should have gone and I can finally put that horrible experience behind me. Yes, having an injection isn’t fun at the best of times, but it felt like a stinging nettle replaced the needle when it was removed. It really did sting. Hurrah, that’s over!
  2. I have my job back with the Co-op! This is such a blessing because I really needed an outlet, something for me to do outside of the house… but I can also get saving for when I return to university or when I embark on my next grand travel escapade! It’s such a blessing that the job is so close to home and I can build up my strength again over the next coming year. I also know the staff and the customers so I should be back in my comfort zone to a certain extent. I think I’ve had enough changes and challenges this year. I am entitled to a little bit of familiarity!
  3. I got my first creative writing assignment back marked by my tutor and she was pleased with it, in fact she couldn’t fault what I had written at all. So encouraging! Obviously I don’t want to get cocky and arrogant. I was shocked that I had nothing to improve. Also, I know that it will get harder and rejections will be inevitable as well as plenty of criticism (mainly constructive I am hoping)! I love my writing and I feel that it is one benefit of having so much time off. I can re-assess what I am passionate about and what I want from life. I really want to use this time to write and try and get a grounding for when I go back to university. I love writing. I cannot stress that enough. If you remember me for anything: 1) I am an ambassador for Jesus 2) I love to write.
  4. Recently I commented on my favourite author’s blog, praising his work and telling him how I also wanted to be a writer and what an inspiration he was to me. On the website, he states that he reads every comment but cannot necessarily reply due to the pressures of deadlines. Today, he replied to me! I couldn’t believe it. He is my favourite author and the fact he responded to me has really made my year. It’s really encouraging and he said he would have his fingers and toes crossed for me in terms of my writing! Wow! I may sound nerdy, but I don’t care. I am over the moon and this girl could do with some positive news!

So there you have it! Things are looking up already!

Just to fill you in… I had chemo on Thursday. They couldn’t find a good vein for ages so it took four attempts at being prodded with a cannula, then it worked for three of the drugs. The final drug burned so much so I had to have another cannula put in. It really isn’t pleasant. I only have to get through this month and then hopefully, prayers will be answered and I will be healed from the inside out. It’s definitely been tough and it’s still tough now. However, I must keep looking at the bigger picture. The jigsaw. Not just the tiny puzzle piece at this moment in time.