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Mirrors and Microscopes

Hey there! I have to write an apology as I haven’t blogged in a while. I have only just gotten out of the coursework craziness and term has finished so my free time has suddenly reappeared. Having said that, I am aware that I have an awful lot of revision to do which saddens me somewhat! Anyways, I have made it through my second term and what a term it has been!

Reflection – Look in the Mirror

It’s been very full on with the workload like I said before which has included such thrilling topics such as pollen analysis and questionnaire designing (insert sarcasm here). However, it has been fun to get onto new work and have the opportunity to play with microscopes.  I have really enjoyed writing my own report on sustainability which I chose to do on the development of tourism in cold environments and how this affects indigenous peoples. That was fun. Bit more freedom to explore something a bit different. I have also had the opportunity to select option modules for next year and my choices are: 1) Desert Environments 2) Third World and 3) Landscape Ecology and Biogeography. Really excited for the next academc year and getting stuck into something new.

Ok so that was pretty much an update on the work front. Health front time. I have been feeling as normal as someone who has never had chemo or cancer or anything like that. Regular me at the moment. I have had the odd twinge in my shoulders and neck and chest but it’s on the odd occasion and I try not to get paranoid. Psychological effects can try and take control every now and again but I pray against these thoughts and just live for the present. I also have a nasty cough develop every now and again which doesn’t sound pleasant but keeping note of it all to tell the doctor at easter. I have another CT scan in April, so I will be praying for that and for the ‘all clear’ or at least for ‘no problems at the moment’. I can settle for that!

I really feel at home in this town called Malice. I mean this city called Plymouth. It really is such a great place to live and I am so thankful to have been placed here. There are so many blessings that have resulted from me coming to this city. Firstly, I am in a beautiful location; next to the sea, surrounded by shopping, 2 minutes walk from the 24 hour diner ‘Goodbodies’, close proximity to Dartmoor and the countryside and I live in a lovely house.

Secondly, the friends that I have met at university have become life-long companions and I am truly grateful to have such a close circle. I have met some wonderful people this year through the Christian Union and through starting my course again. But my friends from last year have been here supporting me again and I am so blessed to have such a variety of people that have contributed to my life in so many ways and I am very thankful for that!

Thirdly, I have found a church that I have made home in – Mutley Baptist. There are some wonderful people in that church and I am so fortunate to have mixed in and call them family. They are like a family away from home and it’s so refreshing to integrate with the adult christian community and get more wisdom on situations to say the least! I am also getting baptised there on the 12th August 2012 (the day after my 21st birthday) which I cannot wait for!

Finally, but most importantly, I have been blessed beyond measure with a wonderful boyfriend Joel Clemence. We met last year through the Christian Union but got aquainted earlier this term and developed a really good friendship. He has become my rock and through his example he has made me seek God even more and encourages me everyday. I just continue to pray that we can build up our relationship everyday with the Lord at the centre of it :-).

I understand that was quite a heavy recap of all that has been going on in my life these last few months. As one part of our lives draws to a close, there is always time for reflection. I find myself getting nostalgic as I remember certain moments in my life as I look over photos, or read over old diary entries or have conversations with people on times gone by. It can be unhealthy to live in the past as you end up missing the gift of today and can get dangerously entangled with what has been or what could have been etc etc etc. However, I feel that it is important to reflect on our lives occasionally. Why? (See image below: sometimes it’s just good to laugh at yourself…)

On a more serious note…

1) We can be thankful for all the times we have been blessed.

2) We can look back and realise how a situation has built us up as individuals; how we can learn from our anger/hurt/past frustrations.

3) We realise that we cannot take life for granted and that each day we are blessed beyond measure in one way or another. LET’S CHOOSE TO SEE THE BLESSING IN EVERY SITUATION!

Microscope – Look for the blessing.

Blessings can be big or small. Don't overlook the big blessings that surround us on the hunt for the small ones and vice versa!

They can jump out at you however sometimes blessings can be hard to see. You might have to look extra hard. But there is always a blessing in every situation. Can you find one? Or more than one?

I pray today that we may see the blessing in all situations. When things get tough, look under the microscope (or pile of coats) to find a blessing. We are surrounded by blessings. 

We can be thankful for running water, friends, a house, food, a family member, the smell of freshly cut grass, a pet, 20/20 vision, music, freedom, the places we’ve visited or are going to visit, the gift of life… I could go on. Let’s develop an attitude of thanks, that all those who encounter us can say ‘Wow. I want to be like that.’

Have a great week and I will be writing again soon (already started on another post!) Have a great week everyone! God Bless!

Love Ruthie 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx