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Moving with the Message.

Today, I learnt something pretty amazing from my sister Zoe. She was building a church from Duplo bricks and needed help placing the cross at the top of the church. Once we had assembled quite a cool church (with a window and the cross at the top), I thought we had made a pretty nice design. But Zoe had other plans.

“What about this on the bottom?” she said.

It was a piece of Duplo with 4 wheels. And she wanted to place it under the church. Like so:

The future of the church? Or how the church should be? Or how the church is? Endless possibilities!

My sister smiled. It was pretty funny. But then, I smiled more because something as simple as putting wheels on our church meant more than I realised. The church should be on wheels. But not in the mechanical sense. We are the moving church. We should be moving all the time. Moving with the message. And that message is the one of Jesus.

We need to be taking the gospel wherever we go. Taking ourselves and the church (us as a part of the body of Christ) out to the community. And the cross is above us. Before us. Behind us. Jesus surrounds us as we move. As we move, he moves. As he moves, we should follow. God is the driver and we are the wheels. Moving the message as we go.

This is exciting!

My sister Zoe has cerebral palsy and sometimes finds it hard to communicate but today she has spoken so much of the message to me clearly. She told me “I belong to God” and this is so profound. Because we are loved so much by Him and called to be a part of His family. Those 4 words mean so much. “I belong to God” 🙂  It’s comforting to know that I am wrapped in the arms of the Lord, free from all the hurts and burdens because He carries them all in the palm of His hand.

Finally, we ended on a discussion about heaven 🙂 “Will we be robots in the new heaven?”

“Definitely not! But God is a wonderful designer, so we can take heart that He will do a fantastic job of it”, I said.

Zoe’s response?

“Can I help make it?”


God bless you all!


Pretty awesome 🙂

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