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A Word Search: The Product of Procrastination?

I sit here wanting to write. I want to share with you all that I intend to start writing again; writing as a blogger, as a tweeter, as a screenwriter, as a novelist. I just want to write. On my return to Norfolk last week I was sorting through all of my belongings as I prepare for my future year ahead in Devon. I came across a folder where I had scribbled down various poems as an adolescent and remembered the joy of putting pen to paper, and just writing.

Thinking about my career as I left school, I was passionate to enter the world of film and TV and write screenplays, become a producer and director and visually share my imagination with the world. As I grew up, I wanted to study geography. I fell in love with the world and all of its beauty and complexities. It was a broad enough subject for me to tailor it to my interests. College saw me develop a love for soil science. The first year of university I was adamant I wanted to study glaciology more. In my second year, I wanted to work more with people so I changed my degree to BA (Hons) Geography with International Relations. To this day, I still want to work with people – I want to help others in any way that I can. I have considered several options which include but are not limited to: aid worker in Africa, working for an international development charity, DFID, disability charities, Masters in International Development or African Studies etc, youth work, working within a church etc. These are still interests of mine and we shall see what doors the Lord opens for me.

However, the one unchanging interest has been my love for writing. Time has never been on my side. I tend to be busy revising (which I should be doing now), but I still find myself wanting to write (this may be the product of procrastination). But then, writing is so much more than procrastination. It manifests itself within my mind as one idea follows another before my fingers glide over the keyboard, tripping over the keys in a non-stop flurry of madness. I have missed the writing. It greets me like a long lost friend. Where have you been, the writer in me? You have been quiet. I have been busy. But here we are again. Ready to write. Willing to express those inner-most thoughts. Too many to convey in a single blog post. Although this blog post may be ‘the product of procrastination’, it emphasises the deep longing to return to the drawing board and begin on this search for words. The word search of my writing career.

Word Searching