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While I’m Waiting

This is a season in my life where I am waiting for quite a few things to take place. Waiting to get married. Waiting to move house. Waiting to get that interview and job. Waiting for Christ’s return. Sometimes it seems like I continuously wait. This seems like a bad thing because it leads to thoughts of impatience and wanting things to to happen right now. Things are happening right now. It is becoming apparent to me that my life is happening daily. I don’t have to wait for the next thing to continue to enjoy the present. This is hard for me. Especially at the moment.

Recently, I have had to face several rejections for different jobs which has made me question myself, the degree I have completed, the other people I am up against, the career path I am meant to be on. At the moment I am really waiting. But rather than waiting for that job, I am waiting for Jesus to show me the right road. I will continue to pray about my next steps whilst applying for different jobs. But while I wait, I will develop patience and perseverance. I will ask the Lord for His will, and not mine. I will trust in His perfect plan for my life. Although I may feel like I am waiting whilst everyone else seems to be attaining something, I have that time to serve and obey willingly and submissively to the One who knows the days of my life. The One who has a plan that is greater than a career or success.

Sitting in a waiting room can seem frustrating. But I think about the purpose of my waiting. I am not waiting for nothing. I am waiting to see a doctor. Or for my train to arrive. Or perhaps to meet someone at the airport. Waiting has a purpose, and often it is for a good reason. Sometimes, we do not always get the outcome we want. But in those times of waiting, there is a time to reflect. A time to think. Time is ticking. I know that as each second ticks by I want to know more and more about my wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ. And it is in the waiting and in the stillness that I know him more deeply.

Ruth 🙂