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Learning in the Long Days

Trying to write everyday is challenging.It takes discipline, such as deleting ones Facebook account! I have not written for a few days so I thought I would type something. My words will most likely reflect the long days I am experiencing at the moment.

It is hard waiting to see if I have an interview. It is even harder writing different supporting statements for jobs. The job hunt is a challenge, like writing everyday is a challenge. Some may read this and think there is an element of laziness about my attitude. I would not go so far as to say that I am lazy. I am doing all that I can to look for work. Maybe I am a little lazy when it comes to writing. And perhaps I have become a little too comfortable watching episodes of Scrubs, the Vicar of Dibley, the IT Crowd and the Simpsons, rather than spending this dedicated free time reading, writing, blogging and selling myself to employers.

The truth is, these long days when Joel is working and I am at home has given me time with my thoughts. It has given me an appreciation of rest and relaxation after a very full on few years. This time has shown me that I must persevere in the face of looming unemployment and rejection, but has encouraged my soul as I know that in the Lord’s timing I will be in the right job at the right time, for His glory. Therefore, I do not need to be anxious about any interview, but through prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, I make my requests known to God – and His peace that is past my understanding will guard my heart and mind in Jesus Christ (Phillippians 4: 6-7).

During these long days, I have been able to love and serve Joel by baking, cooking, cleaning the house, making the bed and just being a wife in all that it entails. What a joy this is! I am learning how to serve in a new way and rejoice that I have an opportunity daily to help and encourage my husband in practical ways. It may seem old fashioned and I am sure the heads of strong-willed feminists might call me crazy. However, I see it as a joy and a privilege to love, honour, serve, cherish, and yes, even obey my husband. I am not ashamed to obey my husband who wants us to become more like Christ together, who serves me daily, who loves me unconditionally, who helps me and encourages me, who enables me to be more in so many ways and who wants my opinion and values my thoughts in every area of life. When a husband loves his wife and a wife respects her husband, we can see the beauty of God’s grace reflected in both the husband (representing Christ) and the wife (representing the church). I am in wonder at God’s beautiful design and intention for marriage, and although I am only starting out as a wife, I am excited to see His plan unfold in our relationship.

Overall, I am learning patience, perseverance and a little more about the plan God has for my life day by day. It is an exciting and sometimes daunting feeling, but I am also learning not to go by what I am feeling, because feelings change. In contrast, I will go by God’s faithfulness, His promises, His truth, His Spirit and everything else that is presented in His Word (the bible). I will pray to gain wisdom where I lack understanding. I will enjoy fellowship with friends that can build up and encourage me along the way. I will follow Him all the days of my life. 🙂 Enjoy the Caribbean, sounding worship song – cheers me up and reminds me of the cry of my heart!

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