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Life’s Tough Decisions. And Why I Am Looking Up.

This post is super special to me – just read it to see… But also, my future husband Joel commented on it too, but at the time, we hardly knew each other. God has a sense of humour! We are now happily married!
Linking up at The Loft this week and we are sharing our favourite post on our blog or one that we would like to share again! God bless!

An Anchored Hope

Hello dearest followers of my wacky yet wonderful blog posts!

I have not written for a while because I have been busy visiting uni friends for a week, working (writing and at the co-op) and anticipating the results of the end of my chemotherapy. So apologies, but I am back with a lot to say as always!

Firstly, I know you all want to know, “Have you been given the ‘all clear’. The answer to this question is no. On the one hand there is no visible cancer hotspots to see, which is awesome and answered prayer. However, they cannot give me the ‘all clear’ because there is some residual scar tissue that has been left behind due to the effects of treatment. This is very common in Lymphoma patients and nothing to worry about. However, there is no telling if the tissue will develop into cancer at a later stage…

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4 thoughts on “Life’s Tough Decisions. And Why I Am Looking Up.”

  1. What a lovely post, Ruth. Praising God in the storm, after the storm, trusting His unseen hand. He is faithful, and He loves us so. Thanks for posting this at The Loft this week! Blessings.

    1. Thank you Leah – your comments are always so encouraging and uplifting. The Lord is so awesome through every circumstance in life! 🙂

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