Biblical Christians are Winning the War – Here’s Why – A Response to Martin Saunders

I thought this blog post was truly refreshing, compared to the negative press of and forced views upon Christians. This was written in love and reminds me that the victory has already been won, in Jesus. God bless 🙂


The wounds of a friend are faithful. I regard Martin Saunders as a ‘friend’ and therefore his article on Christian Today as faithful.

It wounded. And then some. According to Martin my article on Steve Chalke’s latest attack on Evangelical Christianity was rude, discourteous, ungracious, unloving and not nice. Ouch! I accept of course that that sometimes happens at the more ‘conservative’ end. And its something I abhor. Time for sackcloth and ashes?!

But leaving aside the personal, Martin’s article also made me think. About a key issue in the Church in the UK today. What is our future? Martins view is one that many Christians share, ‘Conservative’ Christians are losing the argument because we are just not very nice people. We are the UKIP of Christianity, if not the BNP; backward, bitter and on the wrong side of history. Which is a shame, because according to Martin…

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Hi! It's nice to see you here! A little about me: I am a Christian who loves Jesus. I am blessed with a loving husband Joel and we have a baby on the way. My time is often spent writing, planning a meal around dessert, looking after the home, visiting others or having others visit me, laughing, reading a good book, seeing new places, going for walks in the country, dancing and singing to music, and preaching behind my ironing board with the bible open on it (it's the right height & nobody's watching, I hope).

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