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My Poem of Prayer and Praise

As I wait another day,

I sit in silence and begin to pray.

Another day of unemployment,

It feels as if there is no enjoyment.

Watching the commuters drive to work,

I think about my latest quirk.

Shall I bake? Shall I write?

Shall I read? Shall I fight?

Fight my emotions, fight my pride,

Fight the urge to stay inside.

I must keep applying for that career,

The degree I earned rings in my ear.

Try harder, do more,

You will find something, I am sure.

That is what they continue to say,

So in the silence I begin to pray.

What Lord? Where Lord? When Lord?

Is God listening? Is he bored?

Bored of my moaning and complaining,

As I mumble about the fact it’s raining.

Where is the job, where is the pay?

How can I do this every day?

Please help me Lord, keep me strong,

How much longer Lord, how long?

They ask me daily how the job hunt goes,

I embark to tell them of my sorrows and woes.

But wait. What’s the need to cry and be sad?

I have to remind myself to be glad.

Glad for the sunshine, glad for the rain,

Glad for the days when I learn through my pain.

These times of trouble are very much sought,

For I realise I have become captive to my thoughts.

Thoughts of anger, thoughts of despair,

Thoughts of feeling like I really don’t care.

I am gently reminded as I open God’s Word,

That every cry of anguish, the Lord has heard.

Wait and be patient, He says with love,

Trust me, seek me and look above.

Do not look at your circumstances, do not lose heart,

For I am with you, we shall never part.

Where can I go from Your presence Lord?

Following You brings the greatest reward.

In the depths and heights, You are there,

So You must be able to hear this prayer.

Thank you for loving me, thank you for saving me,

Thank you for lighting my path so I can see.

Your way is the right way and I gladly follow You,

With the words of my lips, may I always praise You.

5 thoughts on “My Poem of Prayer and Praise”

  1. This is a difficult time for you, but I believe you’re doing the right thing by trusting God and giving thanks despite it all. He will bless.

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. I was writing some music and praying and “go now – mustard, Ruth” God put the words so direct I knew I wasnt writing music any more! God sent me to you to be reminded that he always loves me. I also am waiting for his timing and getting mixed up in my thoughts, your words peirced deep, in the way truth heals. Thank you for being a witness of Jesus to me today. God is good.

    1. Hi Nathan – I am so encouraged that the Lord spoke to you and you found my blog and it impacted you! Your words have blessed me and are a welcoming read for this writer! How amazing that you write music too. God is so good!

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